Ep 1: Bonjour, hi!

Intimacy, relationships and sexuality: so many conversations to be had and topics to explore, yet so little space to talk about it in our society! By that, I mean curiously, openly and shamelessly.

Join in every Tuesday as your host Yancy, intimacy enthusiast and content creator, opens the conversation on these topics. Every week, you will hear from experts, professionals and people from different walks of life.

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Friend 0:05

What's good.

Yancy 0:05

Hello. I'm currently recording the first episode of the podcast and I'm wondering if you can answer like a little question.

Friend 0:14


Yancy 0:15

What's the first ever conversation we had?

Friend 0:18

Let me think. I think the first conversation that we had was about like boundaries and communication that you're supposed to have with someone that you're having sex with. Yeah, we talk about... We talk about sex all the time. I hope you're recording that [laugh]

Yancy 0:43

Hey, lovely humans. What up? I'm your host Yancy and you're listening to That Sexciting, the podcast. Episode one. O-M-G... Okay [Laugh]. Can I just preface by expressing how excited, sexcited, I am to share this project with you? Let's take this moment together. Yes, you and I to expand on what the That Sexciting podcast is all about, a little bit about myself. And at the end, you might have a sneak peek of what's to come this season. Stay tuned. That Sexciting. What is this? Well, for starters, That Sexciting is a Montreal-based podcast for tales of intimacy, relationships and sexuality. So throughout the season, you'll hear from experts, professionals, and people from different walks of life, you're probably asking yourself why this podcast? Well, because I want to learn, I want to explore different perspectives and different topics and share them with you. Let's open conversations. Let us reflect on society, on ourselves, on our preferences, and hopefully challenge some monolithic views we have on those said topics. So in essence, this project: That Sexciting the podcast, my baby [Laugh] is a Montreal based project on intimacy, relationships, and sexuality. And nothing. Nothing rhymes more with Montreal than bilingualism and...

Sound Effect 1:25

[construction sounds]

Yancy 2:25

Yep, you guessed it, construction. Maybe also poutine the national dish of Quebec, because you know, we invented it. Ah! Yeah, I said it. Okay, back to the program throughout the seasons, because you know, there might be more than one. Most episodes will be in English, but there also might be episodes in French or episode and for frenglish. For those who think French is sexy, well, this is your opportunity to put into practice those French lessons.

Character 1 2:52

French is the language of love. Oh say it again Dexter!

Dexter 2:58

Omelette de fromage

Yancy 3:02

I started my journey back in:

Radio speaker 1 4:26

Sex is only one type of intimacy

Radio speaker 2 4:29

Vulnerability is not weak

Radio speaker 3 4:30

Sex workers deserve respect

Multiple radio speaker 4:31


Yancy 4:41

Intimacy, relationships and sexuality. So many conversations to be had and topics to explore, yet so little space to talk about it in our society. And by that, I mean curiously opening and shamelessly. I just might have a solution for you my friend. Are you the curious type? Do you like to discover, learn and reflect on topics and also yourself. Hmm Okay, I see because That Sexciting is a weekly show on intimacy, relationships and sexuality. Join me every Tuesday as I open conversations and hopefully challenge some monolithic views we have on those said topics. Every week you'll hear from experts professionals and people from different walks of life. If you are curious, well my friend this podcast is made for you!

MelPacifico 5:43

[beautiful singing]

Yancy 5:38

Oh my bad, were you like having fun? Bopping your head to the music? Oh, well [laughs]. I'm just coming here for reminders. I'm reminding you to subscribe to this podcast and also rate it make it five stars leave a [tongue freeze]. What? What Yancy? Leave a review help you girl out, this means so much and it's gonna help me shoot for the stars. So before we leave on production team: recording, editing and sound design by yours truly myself Yancy. Special thanks to Jenny P for her assistance on production. The Official That Sexciting Anthem by Caulder Nash. The amazing vocals on the track by Mel Pacifico. The instrumentals and loops you hear throughout the episodes from J.u.D. aka Judexperience and special shoutouts to my girls Sab aka Sabrina Brunone because you know I had to say your whole name and Zoey Bouchard girl is you sad :')? That's all for today's episode. I'm your host Yancy and until next week, stay curious because That Sexciting.

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